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Alina Ali, Jessie Saint & Nicole Kitt Alina Ali, Jessie Saint & Nicole Kitt
Alina Ali, Jessie Saint & Nicole Kitt @
Nicole has been going to massage school and since it is close to their final exams she invites a couple of fellow students over to her place to practice their techniques. Jessie and Alina have been checking out Nicole’s tits ever since the class started and are finally given the opportunity to see them up close. First they get to work on her shoulders, legs and back. Covered in oil they start to rub her plump butt. Nicole is getting excited as the girls really work her creases. Arched up and moaning she is more than ready to roll over and expose herself. Tits out and pussy puffing the girls are very excited and the massage oil is pouring. Tits glistening and shiny, begging to be grabbed, the girls go to work. Immediately the two horned out lesbians are rubbing them up with oil and really working her chest area. Soon they are rubbing her pussy and just like that their clothes are off and they are all on the massage table licking pussy and pulling out massagers to work some hard stiff clits. Dildos and cunts are flying around as it really heats up. Now that is one way to give and get a massage.

Alina Ali, Jessie Saint & Nicole Kitt Alina Ali, Jessie Saint & Nicole Kitt

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Arkansas Stunner

Arkansas Stunner

Lives: Warren, Arkansas
Age: 21
Born: October 10
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 111 pounds
Bras: 34B
Panties: Spandex thongs
Anal: Licking or maybe a finger
BJs: I’m not a big BJ fan
Masturbate: Yep

“I lost my virginity in the back of a pickup truck,” Haley told us. “It was such an Arkansas thing to do. You know what else makes me feel like such a country girl? My favorite position is cowgirl!” We don’t mind a good ol’ fashioned southern girl here at NN, and we’re sure you readers don’t, either. Haley’s got the charm of a beautiful belle and the body of an angel.

We asked Haley what pleases her the most in the bedroom. “I like to be wooed. You know, I like when a guy chases me and lets me know how special I am,” she replied. “But if you’re referring to a specific move, I love when a guy eats me out and fingers my pussy at the same time. I especially like it when he sucks on my clit while hitting my G-spot with two or three fingers. That combination of feeling my vagina getting stretched out, almost squirting because of that G-spot stimulation, and the electric feeling that I get from my clit, makes me want to freak out and cum at the same time. You’ve got to work up to that move, though!”

“I know that it’s strange in this day and age, but I’m not the biggest fan of sucking dick. I have done it before, but I’d rather not. And you know what? Whenever I’ve told a guy, I also let them know that they can do whatever they want to my pussy. They can fuck me in any position, at any speed, and for however long they want. That turns their frowns upside down, for sure! I’m just too impatient to suck dick. If I’m horny, I need that cock inside me as soon as humanly possible!”

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Skye Blue Skye Blue
Skye Blue @
Jax finds Skye doing sun therapy yoga while he is hiking. Hiding behind a bush he spies on her and starts filming her on his cell phone. Unfortunately for the perverted man Skye hears him rustling in the bushes and catches him in the act. She goes off on him and starts filming him back threatening to put him online. Somehow in the heat of the moment something happened. She realized he was not so bad and takes him up on the offer of going back to his house and having a coffee. She stars asking him about what he filmed and if he would like to take it further. Of course this was after she noticed that huge stiff snake in his shorts that was begging to be let free. Putting on a show for him as he films her she soon has his cock out and they start making an impromptu afternoon porn shoot. Jax has a blast fucking her sweet little pussy in a variety of positions and gets lots more footage than he bargained for. In fact he gets to film himself blasting a nut right in her pretty face. Now that is a pickup.

Skye Blue Skye Blue

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The Perfect Wife: Andi Peacock

The Perfect Wife: Andi Peacock

Andi Peacock is dressed for gardening. Everything Andi does is a show and her husband, Mr. Peacock, is enjoying it. She comes over to him and begins sucking him. They go into their bedroom. Andi puts her gardening on hold while they take a hot, steamy sex break.

Andi mouth-worships her man’s dick and balls and licks his butt crack. She loves to make sex sounds and talk dirty while she’s jerking and sucking. Tit-fucking and hard banging follow Andi’s oral pleasuring. The pussy juice flies as they pump each other. All men should have a hot, foxy wife like Andi Peacock at home.

XLGirls: What do you feel was your kinkiest sexual experience?

Andi: Having a threesome with a male porn star and the hubby and us all just enjoying each other. It went on for hours. Squirt and sweat everywhere. It was so hot.

XLGirls: What about sex with other women?

Andi: The best one was at a swingers party and the woman and I just attacked each other with kissing, playing with breasts, eating each other out and finally scissoring each other and me squirting all over her multiple times.

XLGirls: XLGirls member Seth commented “These two nail the vibe so well. She is stunning and beautiful in every curvy dream way. They have great chemistry and their action is super-hot. I love all the cum and squirting they are able to share.” So the intensity of the sex, not just the sex, inspired him to write.

Andi: Well, I really enjoy squirting and giving blow jobs.

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Kim Is Open With Her Body

Kim Is Open With Her Body

“Sometimes when my friends and I get together we show each other our body parts. Girls can be open like that. We take out our boobies and compare them. We walk around naked in front of each other. Sometimes we even show each other our buttholes! It’s usually just good fun, but there has been a time or two it escalated to more. A girlfriend and I were walking around in panties, and suddenly there was all this sexual tension in the air. We ended up kissing and fingering each other. I was curious to go down, but I was too scared to make a move! I want to try it eventually though. And I have to confess, it turned me on to imagine how hot we would look to a guy who was watching.”

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For starters, Nina Lakes gets ass-fucked!

For starters, Nina Lakes gets ass-fucked!

Nina Lakes, a 43-year-old redhead, is gardening outside her house in short shorts and a little top when Nicky comes along and sees her. He likes what he sees. He’s checking out her ass when Nina catches him.

“Nicky, what are you doing?” she says.

“I’m so sorry. I was looking for your daughter,” he says.

“You’re looking at her mom’s ass,” she says.

“I was looking for Melissa,” he says.

Sorry, buddy, but Melissa is not in her mother’s shorts.

“Her mom’s ass turns you on?” she says.

Well, yeah, it does. He likes what he sees. She likes what she sees: the bulge in his pants. So she invites him inside so he can get a better look at her ass, and while she’s at it, she sucks his cock and offers up her pussy, too. But not just her pussy. Her ass!

That’s right: Nina is getting ass-fucked in her first-ever on-camera XXX scene!

Nina is a divorcee and mother of two from Ohio who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She got divorced just last year. She’s 5’7″, 128 pounds with DD-cup tits and brown eyes. She enjoys shopping online, walking her dogs, skating, hiking and swimming. We asked her what kind of guys she likes, and she said, “I like all men.”

She used to be a stripper. She has also been a dental assistant and a cosmetologist.

Sexual fantasy: “Several men at the same time.”

Kinkiest sexual encounter: “With twin brothers.”

Anal sex? “Yes!

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Chavon Taylor’s Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor's Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor‘s boyfriend is trying to watch TV but it’s not working. Dressed to show off her curves and big tits, Chavon walks into the room with the disconnected TV’s cables in her hands and an annoyed look on her face. She’s tired of him not paying any attention to her and spending all his time watching sports.

Chavon is a girl who attracts guys like bees to a flower so she’s not pleased with her man’s indifference. She’s going to fix that problem by giving him an epic tit-fuck and hand job like he’s never had before. His iron grip on his remote control weakens as Chavon works his cock in many different ways.

Like a lot of girls, Chavon likes a challenge, for the most part. “I like guys that don’t need me,” Chavon once said. “The hard-to-get guys. But my guy has to have a banging style, bomb-ass attitude and needs to be real confident. I don’t like people who become way too attached. I love guys who take control, but sometimes a girl’s gotta jump in there and show him what’s up.”

That’s what Chavon’s got to do with this remote control guy. She really just wants a cock to play with.

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Checkin’ your vitals

Checkin' your vitals

When you feel ill and have the chills, candy striper Cummings will get you going again. You see, she isn’t the nurse who makes you feel worse. She is the candy girl of your dreams that can make it oh, so much better. How, you ask? Well, first she tests all your vitals and senses by rubbing her ass all over you to raise your heart rate and check your pulse. Then she takes your temperature by sliding your hard meat in her mouth while you manhandle her rump. Then, she makes sure that you are getting enough exercise by sliding up and down on your cock. Then she gets the hot beef injection from behind. (You get to inject her, because she likes shots.) Then she takes your load and cleans you up, because that’s what good medical personnel do. Ah, with care from hotties like candy striper Cummings, you kind of want to be sick all the time, right?

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