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The Sweet Body Of Selena Adams

The Sweet Body Of Selena Adams

“After a long day, I like to cuddle up with my phone in bed, play some porn, read some sex stories and touch myself until I cum,” said Selena Adams, “internet voyeur and professional nudist.” She also sells personalized T-shirts, panties and her own replica pussy.

A real estate broker, a totally connected webcam model, an ambitious entrepreneur and a popular SCORELAND Girl with a bachelor’s in business administration, Selena is a show stopper in a pair of denim shorts and a halter top decorating her curvy and busty rack. She’s got big boobs, dangerous curves and a twerkilicious booty that are the envy of other girls.

Selena fingers her pussy and asshole after bouncing and twerking, moaning and talking dirty in her sexy voice. “I’m 100% Colombian so you already know I was born horny!” Selena wrote on her site. Seeing and hearing her is believing. No need to pour any sugar on Selena. They don’t cum sweeter.

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Karla’s making fantasies come true

Karla's making fantasies come true

Ah, so it’s the ol’ hot-mom-fucks-her-son’s-best-friend scenario. Happens all the time, right?

Wrong. At least we don’t think it happens all the time. Who knows? Maybe this happens a million times a day. After all, a mother isn’t going to tell her son, “I fucked your best friend today,” and a dude isn’t going to tell his best friend, “I fucked your mom today.” Unless, of course, he wants to get his ass kicked.

So here we have Lukas. He’s sleeping over at his friend’s house. And we also have Karla, who’s 45 years old. Her motto is, “If there’s cock in the house (and I’m not related to it), I’m going to fuck it.”

“What’re you doing?” Lukas asks when Karla wakes him up with a peek under the sheets. “I don’t think we should be doing that.”

“Don’t say nothing,” she says. “This is between you and me. I always wanted to fuck you.”

Lukas gives in pretty easily. Of course, Karla has his cock in her mouth, so…ya know.

And by the way, by “I always wanted to fuck you,” we presume means “for the past two years.”

Anyway, Karla…she’s from Colombia and now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s married and in an open relationship. Wide open, from all appearances. Her tits, which Lukas thinks are very nice, are DD-cups.

She’s a swinger. “I’ve been a swinger for two years and have had multiple men and women group play at sex parties and clubs.”

She’s a nudist.

Sexual fantasies? “I’m living them.”

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Hot Chicks Of Eastern Europe: Arianna Sinn

Hot Chicks Of Eastern Europe: Arianna Sinn

Arianna Sinn, seductive huge-boobed hottie of Eastern Europe, looks at you point blank as she reclines on a couch and tells you how much she likes to suck. The sucking and fucking are slam-bam, with no story or plot, just solid, big-tit P.O.V. sex with a gorgeous bra-buster.

“I like aggressive men,” says Arianna. “I want a man who can take charge. I do not want him to be soft with me. I want him to take me hard and handle my boobs and show me what he wants. I love him to be more aggressive than me. I love to watch porn before I have sex. I like to be very wet when I start having sex. I love to tease him. I love to dance for him and sit on his lap…move my body and my boobs over his chest, and when he tries to undress me, I like to tease him. I love sex.”

Arianna wants cum and she gets a big load of it all over her beautiful face. Join to see more of this brunette, all-natural stunner in bone-bending hardcore and solo pictorials and videos. No man could ever get tired of this babe, and if he did, we would recommend he consult his physician.

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Lil’ Cock Lover

Lil' Cock Lover

“I love sucking cock. It turns me on so much to feel a guy get harder and harder in my mouth. I like tasting his precum too, because it lets me know that he’s really turned on. Once he’s fully erect, I like to lick and gently suck his balls and then drag my tongue on the base of his cock. And, of course, I throw in some deep-throating action, too. The only thing I love more than giving head is getting fucked hard and deep, and I find that the blow jobs I give usually lead to that.”

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Chesty Bess Gets Wrecked

Chesty Bess Gets Wrecked

Job: Personal assistant; Age: 25; Birthday: July 25; Height: 5’4″; Weight: 148 pounds; Bra Size: 34DD; Panties: Y-back thongs; Anal: It’s okay; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Vibes are great.

Bess grew up riding horses in the countryside but now resides in sunny Florida. That’s a big change, but Bess likes aspects about both places. “Obviously, I miss working with horses and going for rides,” she told us. “But living in a place where I can walk around wearing a bikini top all day is awesome. I love showing off my body in the good weather.”

In this scene, we paired Bess up with something she can ride…a big fat cock! Watch her tackle that buckin’ fuckin’ bronco, grind her hips and welcome a fat load on her tongue, chin and tig ol’ bitties. In the end, she’s left sticky and breathing heavily, wishing she could get some more cum on her bodacious body.

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The Hair Salon Hottie

The Hair Salon Hottie

Krystal Swift is the hottie hairdresser in the kind of salon we wish existed in real life. So we had to create it.

We’ve all left our heads in the hands of sexy and pretty haircutters at one time or another. And we’ve all fantasized about banging one or more of them. Krystal’s customer gets to leave his dick in her hands. And in her mouth, pussy and between her really big boobs.

Fortunately for tit-men and for SCORE, Krystal did not disappear from the modeling scene, either to run off to get married or to settle down in some mundane job. She was still ready, eager and willing to peel off her panties for the SCORE camera, still looking like eye-candy.

“You have nice tits,” says a grinning Dennis as he gets a scalp massage by Krystal, his face a few millimeters away from her spectacular cleavage. “Oh, maybe you want to see them?” asks Krystal. These Czech hairstylists! Why aren’t Americans as helpful and as eager to please?

Krystal happily pulls out her twin torpedoes and Dennis immediately starts sucking and motor-boating them. His hair treatment is forgotten. Krystal joins in to taste her ripe melons. She’s a lucky girl. She’s got them to suck on every single day.

Krystal believes in special treatment for her customers so she and Dennis swap positions. He stands and she sits in the salon chair. She takes his fucking cock that she’s made as hard as a railroad spike and sticks it between her magnificent tits.

Dennis fucks Krystal’s big tits with passion and she lowers her head to suck him stiff with equal gusto. As soon as Dennis penetrates Krystal’s pink clam, the ramming begins. He pounds Krystal like a jackhammer. Her screams fill the salon. It looks like a cream rinse will be part of the treatment. Except it will be Krystal who’ll be the one getting the cream rinse, not her customer.

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The return of a busty, horny MILF

The return of a busty, horny MILF

It’s always great to see a hot MILF again after several years. Today, we have the return of Amy, who was 53 when she fucked on-camera for the first time in 2016 and is now 59 years old. She’s a mom and divorcee from the UK, she has big tits and a pierced pussy and she seems to be even hornier than she was before.

“I enjoy painting,” Amy told us. “I also enjoy going for long walks with my dog. I tend to be a quiet girl. Not in bed, of course. I’m definitely not quiet there! I enjoy sunny afternoons drinking coffee and reading the paper. I enjoy nice dinners.”

Back in 2016, after twice fucking young studs on-camera, Amy said, “Doing this is the most fun I’ve ever had.” She also said, “Only a few friends know what I’m doing and they were surprised when they found out. I’m not even a swinger. I’ve never gone more than topless on a nude beach, so I’m not exactly a loose girl.”

One of her friends who wasn’t surprised was 50Plus MILF Molly Maracas, who sent Amy our way.

Amy’s favorite kind of evening: “Drinks, dinner and sex.”

What she wants to do that she’s never done: “Have sex in the snow.”

What’s sexy to her? “Shaven balls.”

Break out the razors, guys!

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Our new 60Plus MILF fucks

Our new 60Plus MILF fucks

All of our GILFs are unique, but if you want to categorize them, there are really two types of women who come to to fuck on-camera for all the world to see.

There are GILFs like Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo, who always dress sexy, love to show off their tits and asses and are very forward about their sexual urges. When you see them walking down the street, you think, “Hot GILF,” and if you told someone that they’re porn stars, they’d probably say, “I’m not surprised.”

And then there are GILFs like Bea Cummins, Jewel and Lola Lee. They’re beautiful but they’re not outwardly forward about their sexuality. When you see them walking down the street, you think, “Sexy granny,” and if you told someone they’re porn stars, their jaws would drop.

Clara Red, a 66-year-old divorcee and mother of two, is in the latter category. And yet, here she is, giving a lucky stud who’s half her age the fuck of his life, sucking his cock and balls, taking every inch and every plunge an experienced porn stud can give her. Taking his load all over her big tits.

“Monogamy is not for me,” said Clara, who’s been divorced three times.

But porn definitely is.

And by the way, she’s a swinger, she’s been in orgies, she’s into men and women and when she goes out, she doesn’t wear a bra, letting her big tits hang free.

So the difference between women like Clara and women like Rita and Sally? Not very much.

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