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Emily Pees for You

Emily Pees for You

It’s time for an outdoor shower. It’s not the kind that falls from the sky but from between the toned legs of a teen girl. Emily pulls her panties aside and waters the lawn with her steady flow of pee. She likes that you’re watching. So much so that the rest of her clothes come off and more juices start flowing. This wetness comes straight from her tight, pink hole, courtesy of the manual ministrations to her clit. It’s a great day to get wet.

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Nubiles - Afox


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Dec 1, 2020


Some girls are shy and some girls like Afox flaunt their sexuality on the regular. Whether it’s lingerie, stockings, or just good old fashioned nudity, this cutie is always locked and loaded for a good time with fingers, toys, or a playmate.

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Heel Boy

Heel Boy

“There’s something about being in pantyhose that gets me really hot. At home I squeeze into a pair of nylons and nothing else. I roll around in different positions so my clit rubs on the crotch patch. I’ve ruined many pairs of hose by ripping out the pussy guard after I’ve soaked it so I can smell my cum. Then I scratch the silky fabric on my legs as I stuff my freed twat with a dildo. The orgasm that follows is volcanic. After I’m done I’ll wipe my pussy up with the stockings and save them for later. Sometimes I wear them again. I’ve never revealed this to anyone before, so if you see me with a stain on my stockings, now you’ll know where it came from.”

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The big-titted realtor and her young client

The big-titted realtor and her young client

Nicky just broke up with his girlfriend and is looking for a new place to live, but what he’s really looking at is his realtor, Amanda Remington, especially when she takes off her jacket. She’s wearing a very sheer shirt with no bra, and Nicky’s eyes practically pop out of their sockets at the sight of her big tits and hard nipples.

“Maybe you won’t be single for long,” Amanda says.

By the way, dressing like this is very common among realtors in Miami, Florida, although Amanda might be taking it to a whole new level.

Then she bends over and it turns out she isn’t wearing panties, either.

“Do you like what you see?” Amanda asks. “Did you notice I don’t have a bra on?”

How could he miss it?

Suddenly, she’s more interested in him than in renting him a house, and he’s more interested in how she’s built (like a brickhouse) than how the house is built.

“I think I picked the right realtor,” he says.

Damn right he did.

Amanda is 48 years old. She’s a mom from Florida, and this is her first time fucking on-camera.

“I like a nice-sized cock, that’s for sure,” she said.

We like a MILF with nice-sized tits and ass, that’s for sure.

“I enjoy the thought of almost being caught having sex but making the person that saw wonder if it was actually what was happening,” Amanda said.

There’s no question about what’s happening here. Amanda is sucking cock and fucking. She takes the dude’s load all over her tits. And she rented him the house!

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Customer Service Style

Customer Service Style

We’ve all shopped at men’s clothing stores where the sales staff is as accommodating and as helpful as girl-next-door Kendra Lee Ryan. Yeah, right! In your dreams, Boob Brothers.

Fortunately for Levi, the store is empty. More than surprising, considering that Kendra is running the place. It should be filled with tit-hounds trying to get their hands on her fantastic merchandise. But if it were, then Levi wouldn’t be getting his pipe blown out. So here’s to quiet, empty stores managed by hot sales chicks.

Kendra helps Levi change his look by dressing him in something new. And then she offers up her lush body, starting with her 40DD sucklers. Man, this is great customer service! He hasn’t even paid for his new clothes yet. They really trust guys at this store.

If you love girls who talk nasty and get nasty then Kendra Lee Ryan is the girl for you. “I like my big titties sucked,” Kendra informs Levi. “Taste ’em. Rub my fucking nipples, baby. Pinch ’em. You like big fuckin’ titties?” Levi is too focused and his mouth is too busy to respond.

Kendra wants the cock right then and there and gets busy. She drops to her knees and goes down on Levi, slurping, licking and sucking his shaft. She jerks his cock while she’s sucking his balls and she’s awesome at it, burying her face in his nut-bag. He frantically sticks his bone between Kendra’s tits and fucks her cleavage. She responds by hawking a glob on it to lube the way, a string of saliva dangling from her lips. “I wanna be your fucking whore!” cries Kendra. Wow! What a mouth! She grips his dick and sucks on it some more. They head over to a couch so Levi can pound Kendra’s tight pussy every which way.

“Real women swallow,” says Kendra. “Plus I love the taste of cum!’

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Oxana Minsk: Plump Pleaser

Oxana Minsk: Plump Pleaser

Blue-eyed blonde Oxana Minsk has 42G-cup boobs, weighs 170 pounds and stands 5’3″. Those are winning numbers at

XLGirls: Do you have any favorite sexual fantasies?

Oxana: I don’t have any that I can think of.

XLGirls: Do you consider yourself a sexually assertive or a passive woman?

Roxana: It depends on the situation, I guess.

XLGirls: What satisfies you the best?

Oxana: I like to have my nipples sucked on while I’m being fingered.

XLGirls: How often do you have sex?

Oxana: Only twice this year.

XLGirls: What is your favorite position when you do have sex?

Oxana: Doggie is the best.

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No Fakin’ Ass Shakin’

No Fakin' Ass Shakin'

Stacey Foxx has a bubble that means trouble. She loves to shake that ass and show you what she is working with. That’s why when she hears about an audition to be a video vixen, she shows up in a skimpy, little thong. She is ready to be a star, but little does she know that the star of the video is this white rapper right here. He doesn’t want her to shake her ass…he wants to blast dat ass. Watch as he works over Stacey’s fine ass and gives her a mouthful of his white lightning. She may not ever be a video vixen but Stacey sure does make one hell of a porn star!

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Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

We discovered Veronika in 2005. Back then, she was a blonde bra-buster who made a splash, then dropped out of sight for several years. Veronika did a few hot pictorials with studs and an equally hot video that was posted on SCOREVideos. Recently, Veronika came back to this big-boobed show-world as a redhead with a little more girl-flesh and bigger boobs. Beautiful, all-natural tits.

“My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older,” Veronika told our staffers with the help of a translator. She speaks some English as you’ll hear when Mr. Balls arrives to interview her in a mix of English and Czech before Veronika strips off completely and gets fucked totally nude. Even the heels come off. When she says she masturbates, he immediately asks her to show him how she does it.

“That’s why I love making pictures and videos. I consider myself 100% sexually liberated and I’m happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries. To make a living at doing what I love…is there anything better than that for me? I don’t think so.” He’ll say anything to get laid anyway. Breast-men are the same all over the world despite the language and national differences.

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