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Keeping A Secret

Keeping A Secret

“Girls like to gossip, but I can keep a secret. That’s why my best friend’s bigger in size than run of the mill brother knows it’s ok to bonk me! I’ll not at any time tell her, especially if the shlong is good-and it was! The way this chab kissed my body and licked my cunt sent tingles throughout my body. Then when this chab took his jock out I saw that this chab indeed was a large brother! I tanalized it with my tongue piercing and got it good and rock hard for my love tunnel. Nobody will find out how priceless this gent drilled me ’cause I promised not to tell…but u can check out and watch for yourself!”

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Let Me Aid U With Your Shoes

Let Me Help You With Your Shoes

“It’s laughable how opportunities arise when u least expect them. I was hauling a bunch of my shoes out in a bag so I could donate them to a charity when the bag broke open and my shoes came tumbling out all over the sidewalk. But then, my neighbor stepped in to rescue me and helped me carry anything back inside. Curiously, he seemed indeed interested in my shoes. And that is when I knew that this gent was being more than just helpful…that lewd pervert wanted to stick his rod in my shoes and my love tunnel. I let him come on to me. After all, I adore it when fellows play with the bottoms of my feet. They’re indeed sensitive. And cum always makes ‘em feel so velvety and silky smooth. So you see, opportunity came knocking and I opened the door and my vagina for it. U know what they say, out with the old and in with the fresh ramrod!”

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Milk-Filled Bumpers

Milk-Filled Tits

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist,” says Bebe Cooper, former underware store clerk. A former lingerie store clerk? Fantasies can come true. “But I usually don’t express it.” However, in the rare appearances that Bebe makes at SCORELAND, this babe does express it very, very well! We welcome her back with some other milk-engorged breast and nipp flaunt. Lactation and masturbation, an event many have patiently waited for until Bebe returned.

“I adore the attention I acquire. Getting hit on always makes a angel feel fine. I love wearing thin shirts to flaunt off. My prefered shirt is so thin and tight it’s practically see-through. I always wear a undergarment, When I receive home, the below garment comes off.”

What does Bebe love in couch? “Having my love button played with slow and steady. I adore doggie style and, when I am feeling controlling, reverse cowgirl. I love lips and hands all over my body. Definitely don’t miss my neck.”

Bebe’s kinkiest sex experience? “I once got a tattoo artist to lock up his shop and we had sex in his tattoo chair. It had handy foot rests and different poses and everything.”

Any sex in public? “I have a recurring fantasy that I am in a live sex unveil that always receives me super-wet but I am not sure I’m brave enough to risk public sex!”

Thanks, Bebe!

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Weenie Drainer #2

Cock Drainer #2

Czech sex star Laura Lion is one more elastic fascinating heart the SCORE Team has had the worthwhile fortune to meet during their travels. You will see exactly how elastic Laura’s lips, snatch and anus can receive in this fudge-packing sexplosion

A porn playgirl who used a bazillion glamour modeling names, Laura is also known as Laura Linn, Laura Lyon, Darksome Queen, Lena, Lenka, Lenka Lyons, Lenka Moskwitsch and Yvette Boutillon. We would not wanna be Laura’s screwing mailman. On the other hand, after watching her engulf ramrod and eat cum, we’d love to hand deliver her mail to her abode.

This bouncing Czech became a well-known name in Europe beginning in 2002. Her specialty: weapons of gazoo distraction. Laura’s known for her wild anal act. After getting her gazoo gangbanged in this scene from SCORE Ding-dong Drainers, she’ll swallow most of his load, allowing the rest to ooze onto her boobies.

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Jade Acquires Some

Jade Gets Some

Exotic, buxom, dark-haired 43-year-old Jade Steele is putting on her makeup when this scene widens. The digi camera zeros in on her very precious breast valley, then pans out when Tony exposes up and grabs her love melons. It resembles they were supposed to go out tonight, but they’re not going anywhere.

“I’m trying to get ready,” Jade tells Tony.

He’s trying to receive into her panties. This gent doesn’t acquire to try also subrigid.

“I like sex,” Jade told. “I just do not acquire enough of it.”

That has to be her prepossession. What man would turn down Jade?

And just in case you meet her and crave to try your luck, this Mama of one loves fellows who are kind and can make her chuckle.

Hey, isn’t that what every headmistress says? Well, Jade means it.

Or maybe that babe doesn’t. After all, Tony wasn’t kind. He just strided up to her and snatched her billibongs. And this chab did not make her laugh.

“But he did make me cum,” Jade said.

There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

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Posing Makes Me Feel Fine

Posing Makes Me Feel Good

“I have by no means had sex with some other girl,” says Sara. “Is that smth I should do? I would like to read some opinions about this. Or maybe me, another gal and a chap? I’ve not at any time had a threesome but I would consider it.”

Sara’s 1st mag photo appears in XLGirls SP#269 September 2014. It is too the magazine debut of Maggie and the Ukraine’s Antica. “This is what I would wear outdoors on a priceless, warm day. When I 1st began nude modeling, I did not know I would relish it so much and how much I would have pleasure the sex. Now I look forward to every photo discharge and I relish the people who make me look so marvelous. They are very experienced and creative. It is a very worthy place to be for me. I’d like to read more priceless compliments and suggestions. I savour reading what the dudes and sweethearts write about me and I love to view the adult models. They are so impressive.”

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Bloomin’ Onion Gazoo

Bloomin' Onion Booty

We count our blessings when we find a hottie like Cherry Blossoms. She’s got class, swag and a bangin’ wazoo. However, bangin’ may be an understatement when it comes to Cherry. A bad slut this thick requires you to be a bit more descriptive. She’s got what we call a “Bloomin’ Onion Booty” with a side of jelly. That babe has that flawless, round, corpulent ass that we love. But her booty also has that bounce to it. It’s built for all-nighters and a hardly any other tricks.

“I can make it clap,” Cherry said. “When I bring a dude home, they can’t receive sufficient of it. I’ll make it clap and throw it back on my fellow when he’s banging me doggy style. They usually bust a nut right after.”

The thought alone has us ready to bust a nut. But if u can hold out long enough, you’ll must watch some other one of Cherry’s tricks.

“I can squirt,” Cherry told. “Most boyz aren’t used to it and it surprises ‘em. It is not easy to acquire me there, though. You’ve gotta bonk me hard. Fuck me right.”

You’ve got a Bloomin’ Onion with a side of jelly, Cherry. We’re up for the challenge.

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Caressing for an Ex

Rubbing for an Ex

An ex of Kimberly Douglas discharged this episode whilst this babe was back in town from her internship in Scotland. They haven’t dated for a long time, so u can understand how that babe might be nervous about doing some things in front of him. But that babe has an idea of what this ladies man might be into now. It is an interesting way for us to get a video submission, but we’re not plan to second-guess publishing a cutie with a big bush and a finger in her ass! “It was strange doing that afresh for a stud I haven’t seen in a whilst, but it likewise felt comforting. It was like I was back in high school and we hadn’t ever stopped fooling around in his parent’s basement. It was tons of pleasure!”

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