posted by radmin on Aug 11

You’re fired and you are drilled!

You're fired and you're screwed!

There’s admirable news for Juan. But, first, there’s bad news. Layla Redd, his sexy boss, calls him into her office. “Hello, Ms. Redd,” this chab says. “You wanted to watch me?” “Have a seat, Juan,” Layla says. “I’m sorry to notify you of your dismissal today.” Juan is constrained. “You mean I have to go home?” “No,” Layla says. “I mean you’re fired. We’ve had to make some cutbacks and ‘coz you’re fairly fresh, we have had to terminate your position first.” Juan is in shock. He cant believe it. This chab needs this job. “Do you’ve anything you’d adore to say previous to we walk you to your desk to collect your things?” Layla says. Might as well go for it, Juan figures. “Well, there’s one thing I would like to say. Now that I do not work here anymore, would it be alright to say I have wanted to have sex with u since I got here?” “Excuse me?” Layla says. “I’ve been waiting to do this for two years,” Juan says. “I crave you would have told me,” Layla says. “Too bad u must leave now. How about a goodbye fuck?” And so, in a day or 2, Juan will be on the unemployment line. But at least that gent got to screw his 41-year-old boss. Which goes to prove that there are valuable days and there are bad days. And sometimes, there are bad days that turn out to be very worthy.

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