posted by radmin on Jan 5

Whatsoever Lola Craves

Whatever Lola Wants

Holiday ’11 V-mag’s Lola looks love she is clothed for a night of clubbing and exotic dancing. She’s sure to attract admiring male gazes and jealous mistresse stares with that spectacular body. Lola steps carefully down the staircase and just now pulls her funbags out. There are a lot of thing this babe wishes to do with them. This babe has perky, pointy nipps and well-defined areolae. Her boob skin is ideal and smooth. Lola might not have the drive to go out clubbing after she whips out her battery-operated date, a girl’s finest friend when no one’s around. This babe plunges it into her vagina inflexible, fast and deep. Lola is not messing around and winds up on the floor. That babe is working that toy good. That babe rubs her clitoris with her right hand during the time that this babe continues to stuff her tunnel of love until she explodes. Lola is the silent sort when it comes to speaking (she’s Czech) but her groaning explains how this babe is feeling.

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