posted by radmin on Aug 30

What Chicks Are For

What Honey bunnys Are For

When a gal shows up at your door, saying that babe is there for the auditions, then begins playing with that hula-hoop thingie, what’re you gonna do? Shag her, right? Especially if the situation presents itself, as it does here with Ann, who’s Twenty nine and from St. Louis, Missouri. Yeah, she looks younger. Cum helps maintain her young looks. “I do copulate a lot,” Ann said us. “I’m randy all the time, and when you are a girl, u can marvelous much get it whenever you crave it.” Only if you’re a nice-looking girl. Or a marginally beautiful beauty. Or a girl with a working slit. Let us face it: We males are concupiscent toads. That’s what hotties like Ann are for.

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