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We’re Believers

We're Believers

“Come here,” Mya says seductively. “I urge u to come grab my gazoo.”

When a enjoyable heart is this thick, she doesn’t receive to tell our gent Jordan Ashley twice.

Mya has a slight knicker on and Jordan rips it off and begins to worship that ‘donk. If u weren’t an wazoo man before this, seeing Mya will make you a believer.

“Oh yep, kiss it,” Mya says as Jordan licks her butt and slit from the back.

That is just a little warm up for this charmer, though. U cant smack this cunt without wanting to dive right in it. Jordan bends Mya’s phat wazoo over on the bed and beasts on her twat doggystyle.

“Sit down,” this babe says. “I desire to ride that shlong, dude.”

Mya rides Jordan’s dick so hard it looks love she may break his shlong. Our dude is a competent at beastin’ on some twat, though. His hung schlong is made to leave bad bitches with bruised love tunnels.

“Cum on my booty,” that babe says.

Jordan follows directions and drops a enormous load on her a-hole.

He’s a believer.

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