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Virgin Arse

Virgin Ass

Kitana Flores is very modest. Too modest. “I do not like to brag about my body or think I’m all that,” says Kitana. “I’d rather people look inside at my personality than the physical ‘coz the physical can go in a minute.” But the fact is, Kitana is peculiar. Kitana, busty Miami Beach babe with the breathtaking Latin chick bathing costume body, is back and showing her back for a very peculiar reason. “Virgin Ass” is Kitana’s 1st on-camera gazoo slam scene. As a pre-game warm-up, bikini-clad Kitana flaunts off her slim ‘n’ stacked figure to Carlos. That babe stands by the couch where the real game will kick-off and sensuously runs her hands all over her bod, first standing, then kneeling; touching with tongue her lips and offering the promise of intensive enjoyment. The walking succulent fantasy climbs into daybed and gets into a kneeling pose, squeezable, constricted ass raised up; legs dangling over the edge; palms flat on the mattress. It is the kind of pose every men’s magazine photo discharge have to have when showcasing the booty. Carlos reaches out for those stylish tush cheeks and runs his hands over ’em, and up and down her hips. That gent kisses and licks her asshole and spanks her cheeks as Kitana purrs love a cat. “Every Lothario can’t live with out doggie style,” Kitana told to V-mag editor Maria about what position majority guys love to acquire a goddess into for booty rogering. “You acquire the right position…you must watch it [the ass], you can also pull [the girl’s hair]. So I guess that would be the best position for anal.” Carlos pulls down Kitana’s bathing costume knickers and spits into her darksome hole and licks it, wetting it for dick. He probes it with his soaked finger in preparation for anal fun. But 1st, Kitana sucks and tit-fucks him. Then, they screw. On her back, Kitana, her muff filled with thrusting weenie, cries out erotically in a mix of English and Spanish, and her moans of “Papi, si” (“Yes, daddy”) fill the air. Now it’s time for Kitana to have her “culo” filled. Carlos fingers Kitana’s tawny rosebud one more time in advance of his “pinga” slides in and sends Kitana into the clouds with ecstasy. Her first anal penetration will be in a missionary position. There will be more to come in Kitana’s hottest scene yet at SCORELAND.

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