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Velvet is 55. The BBC is 21.

Velvet is Fifty five. The BBC is 21.

“I was a late bloomer,” said 55-year-old divorcee and Mother Velvet Skye, who bloomed very nicely. “I did not have sex until I was 18. I was the tall, slim chick in college with no bazookas and no booty. Nobody wanted to date me. And then, in my Thirtys, I just thought, ‘Life is also short. I’m plan to relish it.'”

That is what she is doing here: savouring it. Having sex with a 21-year-old guy who has a big, darksome weenie. Dressing up for him in sexy underware, engulfing his dick, banging him rigid and opening supplementary wide for a load of cum.

Velvet, who’s from Toronto, Canada, has jaw-dropping fellatio skills. Here, that babe keeps her eyes open and looks into the digi camera during the time that her face hole is stuffed with shlong. We asked her about her BJ skills and this babe said, “I haven’t had any complaints yet. I have had quite a hardly any lads tap out right away cuz they didn’t wish to cum right away when I started engulfing them. Nobody’s ever said, ‘You should do that more worthwhile.'”

Well, truly, who would ever say that to a female when this babe has your knob in her face hole. But the point is, nobody has ever needed to say that to Velvet.

She’s a swinger, by the way. A divorced swinger, which makes her quite a catch in the exotic dancing clubs.

“As a single hotty, it is simple because I can go, ‘Yes, yeah, yep, yes, no, no, no,'” Velvet told. “I have my pick. That is why single girls are called unicorns. They’re very hard to detect. It’s not often that you discover single angels in the lifestyle. It is mostly couples, although the female is always in charge. It is usually the dude who introduces the woman to it, but it is a woman’s game. Whatever that babe urges to happen is plan to happen. If that man says he urges smth to happen but she doesn’t crave it to happen, it is not intend to happen.”

Here, Velvet makes it happen.

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