posted by radmin on Aug 4

Busy Bombshell

Busy Bombshell

We have watched plenty of curly hotties here in Leg Sex before, but we’ve by no means encountered such a full and wild cookie love that of seductive Czech knockout Vanessa Y. Fully-clothed, you’d at not time even think that she had so much hair covering her glorious muff. You’d probably be too distracted by her strong, lengthy legs or her extraordinary chest. That babe is got the kind of billibongs you’d want to suck on for days at a time. You’d likewise be preoccupied trying to get her attention. Vanessa is a brazen femdom-goddess, ready to tempt those who can truly keep up with her.

Vanessa knows this babe is drop-dead sexy. This babe is got never-ending confidence she attributes to a lifetime of performance. Vanessa has been a model, dancer, and even did a stint as a nightclub singer, belting out tunes for European audiences. She’s used to the spotlight and uses it to her advantage when that babe can. Her body has likewise gotten her lots of attention so she’s not the type to settle for less. “I get what I urge when I urge it,” this babe says with a wink.

Lots of guys have bowed down to Vanessa’s curvy legs. “I have enjoyment having studs rub my legs and rub-down my feet for a during the time that previous to having sex.
It’s also pleasure when they lastly reach up to my muff and feel how soft and furry I’m. I have had dozens of studs lap me up and then use my bush to wipe off excess slit juice from their throats. Afterward, I always award ’em with a lengthy, passionate copulate.”

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