posted by radmin on May 12

Undercover Freak

Undercover Freak

Mandy, if we didn’t know u, we’d think you were a quiet, bashful sort of goddess.
“That’s what most people think. Little do they know that I am an undercover
freak! The glasses and my modest outfits throw them off. But get me behind
closed doors and I am probably one of the horniest, majority experimental cuties
you’ll ever meet.”

Well since you like to experiment, what’s the kinkiest thing you have ever
done in advance of?

“Having a three-way with two lads. They were a little iffy about it, but one time I got exposed and started seducing them, anything fell into place. I would always fantasized about sucking a wang while I was getting drilled, and it finally
came true. I wanted to engulf one as well as the other of their cocks at the same time but they
did not wanna be that close, so I blew ’em one at a time. I wanted to do
Dual Penetration too but they weren’t willing for that. I must identify some freaky boyz
who are down for that!”

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