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Tori and her ex-hubby’s almost all astonishing friend

Tori and her ex-hubby's finest friend

Tori has stopped by Sam’s abode, and Sam is a bit confused. Sure, that dude is glad to see her, but why is that babe here now that that babe and Sam are divorced? And why is that babe wearing a trench coat?

“I missed u coming over for the games and stuff, so I thought I would come see u,” Tori says. “Can I expose you smth?”

What does Tori need to show Sam? Well, she has her love muffins, which are encased in a hot undergarment, and her butt, which is encased in a miniature panty, and her legs, which are encased in hawt stockings.

“This is what I have for u,” Tori says. “You know I have always wanted a piece of you.”

Sam can not make no doubt of what’s happening right in front of him. This smooth operator is not at all viewed Tori love this. His utmost friend’s ex-wife!

“Have I been a naughty hotty?” Tori says.

Well, maybe that babe wasn’t wicked before, but she sure is wicked now.

“I’ve been thinking about this forever,” Tori says. “I’ve been a bad girl. Spank me!”

At this point, Tori’s ass is in the air, and Sam can not resist the invitation. How could this stud ? Why would this dude?

“Show me your pecker. I wish to engulf it!”

And away they go, mouthing and screwing….destination: facial!

Tori is a 45-year-old divorcee from Arizona. She’s a Mother. She used to be a lifeguard. This babe has spent almost all of her life working in medicine. This babe is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She’s just a very hawt 40something.

“My fantasy is to be drilled out on a terrace or a patio whilst it is raining actually hard,” she told.

Hey, that trench coat might come in handy afresh!

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