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Dual Penetration Anal SuperFuck

DP Anal SuperFuck

Tigerr Benson is back with a recent anal superfuck with 2 more fellows. We caught up with the fun loving, sexually ultra-liberated Brit. The 2 bucks did survive their encounter. This Tigerr is a nice tiger. The real deal.

SCORE: Do your fans ask you questions about sex or your scenes? What kind of questions do they ask?

Tigerr Benson: Usually they ask the same questions, like do I like big dongs or did I cum? Occasionally they ask me odd questions, love do I guess I have shamed my ancestors by doing porn, or recently a dude asked would I please try and become elected to be their city Mayor. (Laughs) I do not think I’ve shamed my ancestors. I like to think they are happy that I am successful in what I do. I do not think I’d make a nice mayor. My town would end up just full of noodle shops and nail salons and nobody would be allowed to work on Sunday. (Laughs)

SCORE: Have u ever had sex in a taxi? Do u like sex in cars?

Tigerr Benson: Yeah, in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Vancouver and Barcelona. Although the taxi driver in London saw what was happening and asked us to receive out of his taxi. He was really polite though. I like sex in cars or any vehicle. I lately did a shoot in Spain where I had sex in a lorry parked out side Barcelona Airport. That was very hawt!

SCORE: Do u identify that your sexual appetites and your sex drive are stronger today than, say, 10 years agone?

Tigerr Benson: Yes, very much so! I suppose I am a nymphomaniac, no joking. My girlfriend said me all about it and said I should get therapy to aid. (Laughs) Naive! I guess it’s natural for a girl to acquire hornier as they receive maturer.

SCORE: If you could gangbang one male celebrity, who would that be? Lady celebrity?

Tigerr Benson: Elementary. Dustin Hoffman. The dominant-bitch would be the Countdown Cutie on British TV Channel 4), Rachel Riley.

SCORE: You voyage betwixt London and Japan. How different are British and Japanese studs in their sexual behavior? How they approach honeys and their raunchy techniques? Any major differences? And the honeys?

Tigerr Benson: Really the British and Japanese fellows I meet are very similar in sex. And afterwards also the same, quite polite and well mannered. Japanese studs are more traditional. I like that as I’m not a feminist. I like old men coz they open doors and have more old-fashioned ways. In general, I tend to meet more kinkier guys than almost all. Both British and Japanese fellows can be very perverted. I think ‘cuz the one and the other come from suppressed backgrounds, maybe. In couch, I think Japanese are rougher but I quite adore that. (Laughs) The greater than standard difference is that modern chaps in Britain are being taught that there’s equality but in Japan, bucks are always boss. I most like when a smooth operator is the boss. It is much hotter.

SCORE: You’re in the dripping for SCORE‘s Rookie of the Year contest. Any message for SCORELAND members and browsers?

Tigerr Benson: PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! But merely if u truthfully make no doubt of I am the foremost. If I won, I’d be very excited. But I do not think I will win. I likewise think Hitomi will win Porn star of the year. She is very hot. But, if I’m a noted porno star I actually should say smth adore, please vote for me. If I win, I will ask SCORE to pick a Lothario who voted for me to come in and I will give him the oral-stimulation of his life! I would do that truly. Would be enjoyment!

SCORE: Thank u, Tigerr and fine luck!

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