posted by radmin on Nov 23

The XL Angel Next Door

The XL Girl Next Door

This time, Lisa Canon flies solo and goes for the girl-next-door look and, of course, looks each inch the wicked neighbour you’d adore to live next to. She’s an outdoor girl. “I try to go out side ’cause I don’t wanna be stuck in the house all the time, even though there is no civilization around. I just try to savour,” says Lisa, who enjoys playing ball, camping, cook-outs and swimming. And sex. “I like outdoor sex. It is enjoyment. I think what it is; why I have sex in public is ‘coz if someone catches me it brings up the risk factor. It’s more intriguing.” Lisa has had a lot of fine sex here at, including interracial. “I like having coarse sex. But love any hotty, I like the fleshly, squishy, kiss-me, love-me type of sex. But then there is times when you’re just like, ‘Fuck me!'” If we asked Lisa‘s friends to describe her, what does she think they would say? “They’d say I’m barmy. I am bubbly. I adore to have enjoyment. I am the 1st one to do everything bonkers, soever it’s. My Mommy actually caught me having sex once. It wasn’t that precious. It was in the middle of the living room. I was riding the lad, and this babe just looked at me turned around and sauntered off. The next day this babe was like, ‘You do not have to be doing that in my living room!’ And I was love, ‘I’m sorry. I thought u were sleeping.'”

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