posted by radmin on Mar 15

The Hotty In Room 38G

The Cutie In Room 38G

Taylor Steele has a wickedly humorous sense of humor. Joy angels with larger than average funbags are a combination that cant be beat.

The fiesty Canadian loves to sing along to rap, rock and hip hop, and likes karaoke nights and going on road trips with her girlfriends.

“I always wear a below garment ‘coz I adore how my titties look in a undergarment. I costume casually when I am with my friends and like a sex star when I go out on a date. My idea of a ideal evening involves plenty of sex in each possible position.

“I’m truly pretty boring. I’d much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party any day. I love to be productive.”

We need to disagree with Taylor here. She’s the least boring beauty ever.

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