posted by radmin on Jan 29

Party Angel

Party Girl

Welcome, Sindy! We like your braces. Tell us a little about yourself.
“Thank you! Well, I love to go out and party and have a worthwhile time. I too like to go to festivals and one of my hobbies is doing light exposes. That is where you spin lights or fire that are tethered on a string during the time that stripping and stuff. It’s too called poi.”

That is gorgeous phat! So you must be an adventurous kind of cutie.
“I guess u could say that. I’m not afraid to try fresh things, and if there’s something I crave I just go for it. Like the 1st time I had sex. I wanted to lose my virginity really bad so at this party I pulled aside this sexy lady-killer I’d seen at school and said him to meet me in a bedroom. I mean I was a virgin so that was kind of out there. We went up to the room and he popped my cherry, and ever since then I have been hooked on trying new sex things. One time more I was in a tent with 2 other girls and a chap, and we sure showed him a worthwhile time.”

Have you ever had sex in public?
“For sure. The almost all fine is when you are on the beach and people pass by and see. And some of ’em will avoid and view! I adore to see their reactions when they 1st realize that there are people fucking nearby. And to be honest, sometimes I am just so into the sex I don’t care if anyone can hear or see me. One time I had sex at a festival where I was doing a light reveal. I did not realize I was being so loud until I noticed that tons of people were standing there watching us!”

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