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Boob Cruise Paradise Part TWO

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 2

In Part 2 of Boob Cruise Paradise, the focus is on photo shoots and on-deck undress brandishes by many of the majority worthy in the world. Vanessa, Summer Leigh, Connie Kline, Deanna Baldwin, Brittany Andrews and Heather Fullsome funbags take it all off. A group of cuties led by SaRenna and Sana Fey shake things up in the piano lounge as a passenger tickles the ivories. Casey James displays her mega-boobs on that piano.

Everywhere u go, a girl is in scanties or just wearing the wind. Huge-breasted Englishwoman Sammie Black, Dawn Stone, Beauty Eyes, Nicole Tyler, Rachel Rocketts…hot girls flaunting their larger than run of the mill marangos and wet slits all over the ship and the beaches. It’s incredible, an assembly of big breasted sexbombs. Almost any of them exotic dancers back home.

They knew how to entertain the lads in a time when webcams didn’t exist and gals knew how to socialize with studs in the real world, not throughout an internet connection. The dancers take over in the evening with their on-deck stage displays. Sana, Rachel, Minka, Summer, Breasty Dusty, Europe DiChan and Nicole display how it is done in extremely uncommon specific brandish recordings.

Summer Leigh was asked to write a diary while a passenger, Chuck, wrote the official log. Here’s an excerpt from Summer’s notes.

“The laughable thing about the dancing is we dancers by no means watch other girls dance. We’re always arriving in a club when one more is leaving. So, this is truly a treat. And, do not be misled, there is a degree of competitiveness amongst dancers. We all wanna do better. God, I’m so glad nobody had sex out there or did anything really erotic that would get a XXX-rating. How would I top that?”

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