posted by radmin on Oct 26

Locker Room Lust

Locker Room Lust

Tell us where u are, Stacy!
“I’m in a locker room. I have had plenty of sex in locker rooms in advance of, so this is lots of fun for me. In fact, my 1st kiss and my first pussy-licking experience were in one.”

We’ve to hear more about that!
“Okay, well, we were all hot and sweaty from doing a mile run. I saw her checking out my a-hole in the group shower so I traipsed over and started talking to her. We waited until everyone left, and we made out under the shower head. It was the first time I ever felt somebody else’s muff. It was so different and yet familiar.”

So, what did you do next?
“Since we had the locker room to ourselves that babe laid me down on the bench and ate my still-dripping-wet muff until I came. It was wondrous! That babe knew exactly how to flick my adore button and finger me until I was weak in the knees. I was nervous about returning the favour, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I ended up having such a worthwhile time. Her snatch tasted so different than mine, but not in a bad way. That babe squirted, too. That made my vagina cock juice all over anew. We kept hooking up until we graduated.”

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