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Orange Is The New Rack

Orange Is The Recent Rack

“I love big milk sacks,” said Sheridan Adore, a beauty after our own hearts. “I adore the hourglass look.” Sheridan is the leader in that. In this scene, it is a feast of milk cans as glamorous minx Sheridan explores her large mellons and moves on to her very soaked wet crack with one of her favorite toys she’s brought from her home in Las Vegas.

When Sheridan visits SCORE, it appears to be love one bag is filled with all kinds of honey sticks and ladies’ novelties. She one time said she wanted a sex toy to match each one of her outfits. At last count, this babe had 82 dildos. That number is probably outdated by this time.

Sheridan appeared on SCOREtv Season 2 Clip 3 and talked to host and editor Dave about her hardcore initial appearance and other XXX discharges that her fans have waited for, some of ’em for years. Dave asked Sheridan if she’d rather talk on-camera or copulate, if that babe had her choice. Sheridan’s preference? “Fuck, on-camera,” was Sheridan’s quick reply…in her sexy voice. Why so? ‘cuz Sheridan told that babe acquires really nervous when she talks. She does bonk and talk at the same time, and really well, in her P.O.V. scene “Tonight’s Bride.”

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