posted by radmin on Oct 26

Hotty, Gazoo & Big Milk shakes

Beauty, Booty & Large Boobs

SCORE: What do you look for in a costume?
Sheridan: Usually I try to find dresses that u can receive indeed priceless breast valley out of. It is truly inflexible to discover outfits that can fit my juggs, waist and gazoo. I follow for the unsurpassable boob outfits I can detect.

SCORE: Is it rock hard to detect attractive clothing with your size titties?
Sheridan: Extremely stiff. I am so gratified of the way I look that I don’t mind going out and flaunting it. If you have got it, unveil it.

SCORE: Keep flaunting it. What receives you supplementary lascivious?
Sheridan: I love to be petted, like a cat. I’m too highly ticklish. Chaps or sweethearts in a uniform turn me on. Watching clips with gals and bigger in size than average toys and anything vampiric acquires me hot.

SCORE: If u could acquire away with it, what would you do?
Sheridan: I’d go to a theme park and ride everything undressed. The adrenaline rush would make me super-horny. I would find a renowned landmark and have sex there.

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