posted by radmin on Dec 7

Seduction Flaunt

Seduction Show

Even the toughest, dominant diva cant do it all on her own. Not with out using a sexy couple of cock-stomping high heels. That’s why brunette angel Brandon tries on numerous pairs of pumps and stilettos previous to she walks all over her sub lover with her nylon-covered feet and her pointy heels. This siren loves to give him a expose. She may be giving him joy by letting him view her strut and by stamping her piggies by his face, but Brandon too gets a deep sense of gratification knowing that that babe is the solely dominatrix who can put this heel lad in his place. The thought of owning his meat-thermometer with her dominance acquires her lustful and one time this babe can feel her cum-hole running, she’s willing for him to serve her with his face hole. She shoves her toes inside of his envisaging blowjob cavity and commands him to suck her off like a fine, little bondman.

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