posted by radmin on Feb 8

Reflections of Sarah

Reflections of Sarah hadn’t photographed sweet-faced Sarah Rae by our triple mirror love we’ve with Cherry Brady, Shyla Timid and others, and it was time. The angles u can receive with this set-up can be killer. This oily video is a boner-bender!

J.R. wrote to the “Weighing In” letters section of XL Girls magazine #244 about Sarah and what that babe does to him. “Sarah Rae is the almost all fantastic lady I have ever seen, and that babe has the almost any fantastic rack a lady could have. That babe is just pure overweight perfection. She’s the kind of beauty you’d desire to snuggle up with in daybed on a cold, winter night.

“She’d definitely be able to keep me warm with her colossal bra buddies and cuddly body. I have thoroughly enjoyed cumming to her pics and imagining what it would be like to shack up with such a honey bunny. What a body on her; I just can’t receive over it! Please give me more of her mountainous hangers and marvelous, juicy body.”

We hope to see much more of Sarah in time to come! This babe lights up our pants.

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