posted by radmin on May 22

Hawt In Texas

Hot In Texas

For Twenty years and counting, Sabrina Linn has been into tats and piercings with a passion.” I’ve lots of piercings. I went throughout tons of pain to get ’em. I just like the piercings. I love the way they look. I do not know if a tongue piercing makes a irrumation more precious but I guess a chap can feel it more admirable. I’ve had a lady do it to me with tongue piercings and I thought it was better. My piercing makes it better when I go down on a woman.”

Her right arm is more tattooed than her left arm. Is there a reason for that? “I want the left side to stay clean. Half of me’s a indeed admirable hotty and half of me’s a truly bad, eager gal. I’ve many different tattoos. One’s the spirit Karma. Then there’re flowers, roses, butterflies and more flowers. The Grim Reaper. A demon. And there is one on my finger. That is a bad word. ‘Fuck U.'”

“While I adore all of her tattoos, my favorites are the one above her bawdy cleft and the one above her worthy a-hole,” P.S. writes Scorecard #653. “Sabrina’s piercings look great. I love her large nipp rings as they really complement her immense boobs. They make the ideal rack look even better.”

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