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Rump Rider

Rump Rider

Welcome back Danesha. The final time we saw u in the April ’08 issue, you were lap dancing at the lap dancing club…
“Yes, I was. But then I went to school and now I work as a service technician at a specialty auto shop for foreign sports cars. So I went from giving lap dances to working on people’s suspensions and fuel lines. [Laughs.] It was a bigger than typical
career move, but I’ve always loved cars and when you think about it, it really isn’t that much different than working at a club. I mean, I deal with mostly fellows and they still wanna see me stripped and shag my greater than standard a-hole!”

Do boyz try and receive discounts by flirting with u?
“Oh, they flirt with me, but I guess they are trying to receive some booty, not a discount. This one lady-killer would bring his Benz to my shop and tell me there was something not correct with it, but I could not diagnose the problem. After two
months, that Lothario admitted that that skirt chaser just wanted to holler at me and just did not know how. I was truly flattered.”

Now we want to know if you’ve ever gotten busy at work!
“Well, I did once, but it wasn’t with a customer…it was with my boss! We worked late onenight and one thing led to some other. In advance of I knew it, we were banging in someone’s Porsche!”

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