posted by radmin on May 21

Rough Rider

Rough Rider

Jayda, what do you do for joy?
“I like riding horses. I grew up on a farm and I even had my own horse growing up. It’s such an astounding feeling to ride one. I am pretty nice at it,
too, but I at no time entered any competitions or everything.”

Since you’re good at riding horses, does that mean you’re good at riding
ramrods, also? Do u ever go bareback in either instance?

“If only I had a quarter for each time I was asked that. I love to think that I’m pretty valuable at riding boyz. Going really stiff receives me off the superlatively worthy, and it seems to get the fellows off, likewise! I have no problem being on top for a lengthy time either. My legs are strong and they don’t get weary. And riding horses bareback is scary. With dudes it is enjoyment, but I wouldn’t do it with just anyone.”

Have u ever let a lad cum inside you previous to?
“Yes. I am on birth control so I feel glamorous safe about it. But I solely let a
spouse that I’ve gone out with for a while do that to me. I would not let a random lad cum inside me. You must earn that right. It’s really intimate,
so I’m picky about who acquires to do it to me. But when it happens, I truly love it. If the fellow can handle it, I’ll just keep rogering him after he cums in me. It is filthy, but I really love it.”

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