posted by radmin on Jul 1

Mellow Stems

Ripe Stems

Klaudia Kelly says that her thick legs turn heads wherever that babe goes, especially when this babe is in heels. “I am a very curvaceous female, so I always await chaps to stare at my booty and my boobies,” this babe told. “But they always compliment my powerful legs 1st. When I go out, I love to wear skirts and heels and it not at all fails to attract legmen. Say what you will about milk cans and butt, but legs are still sexy! U must appreciate a lad who appreciates a mellow set of stems,” she says with a smile on her face. “Those are the kind of boys who will buy u a fetching couple of tights and shoes cuz they have fun when a woman looks chic. I adore to feel charming and if a man desires me to dress this way every day, I will do it for him. I don’t mind if that chap wishes to smell my feet or lick my legs. I have a scarcely any perverted things I’m into, so foot fetish and leg kink don’t bother me at all,” Klaudia confessed. “One of my fetishes is that I adore to be cum on. I like cum smeared all over my body. So if a gent wants to pop his cum on my toes, I love it! I encourage it. I wish him to stroke all over my feet so I can play with it and then, when it’s drying up, I will let him take up with the tongue it off of me or reveal him how I can suck it off of my own toes. I adore the salty taste of semen. I will kiss him afterwards so he can smack his seed on my lips.”

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