posted by radmin on Dec 28

Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Alexis, why did u decide to come shoot for our mag?
“I had a ally who did it and she truly liked it. And I guess I just urge to be admired. It appears to be fun, you know? I always liked to do my hair and make-up, but at the same time I’d always take undressed pictures of myself and send ’em to lads, so I figured why not? Part of it is too that there is smth indeed nasty about it.
Knowing that boys are looking at my naked pix and getting off is hawt. I urge to be their sex dream.”

Did u tell everyone you were plan to do it, or was it a secret?
What would u do if everybody discovered out?

“I merely said my closest ally that I was going to do it. I wanted it to
be a secret as much as possible, but I was ready if everybody identified out. And let’s be honest, the chances of
that happening were pretty worthwhile! Well, the first mag u put me in, the Back to School issue, just came
out. Some people I know found out about it ’cause I suppose they view tons of porn. It hasn’t spread like wildfire
yet, but it probably will. I’m ok with that. I like glamour modeling.”

Would u ever screw a fan of yours?
“If that Lothario was hawt, yep. I have fantasized about a lady-killer coming up to me ’cause that guy recognized me, then going in the bathroom and fucking him.”

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