posted by radmin on Jul 6

Dungeon Headmistress

Dungeon Domme

Just cuz this is your 1st time to Michova’s lair doesn’t mean she’s going to take it facile on you. If you think her severe looks, vinyl outfit and sharp heels are just for play, you’ve got some other think coming. Sit back, relish that chair you’re belted to and let Patty tanalise u, whip u and bring you to climax…if you are lucky. That babe uses anything in her sex arsenal to make boys like you cream in their trousers. Her long, darksome hair will whip your face. Her lean and toned legs will straddle your lap. Her heels will dig into your chest, haunches or anywhere else that babe wants to walk. Just remember, Patty would at no time do everything to hurt u without your consent.

Are you relishing yourself, admiring the mistress’s astonishing body? Her legs go on for miles, sliding into thigh-high nylons that we’re nice-looking sure merely stay up because Patty ordered ’em to. “Men come into my lair because they wish me to be their boss. I own ’em for however much time they spend down here. I can tanalize and deny them the right to orgasm for hours, until they’re literally turning blue. Then, they’ll cum if I even look at ’em the right way. It’s pretty what a wonderful drubbing will do to a dude. It puts him in his place! When a gent is putty in my hands and I have him on all fours, touching with tongue my boots, that’s when it is time to fuck.”

Do not think that the Female-dom gives this treatment to everybody, though. “I’ve learned to spot the studs who need the most, how shall I say this, correcting. I too receive emails from wives and girlfriends requesting that I train their guys some respect. They’ll bring their males in underneath the guise that they’ve arranged a three-way. Then the claws come out, and we educate him to respect our cunts. By the time our lessons are finished, that man knows exactly how she likes her heels licked, legs hairless and love tunnel eaten. It is a tough job, but I love it.”

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