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Spicy Ginger

Spicy Ginger

Hello, Nikki! Tell us about yourself.
“Well, I am from Chicago, and I love my city! I’m a bigger in size than average basketball fan. Go Bulls! I’m also young to remember Michael Jordan playing, though, which is likewise bad because I still have his poster dangling in my room! My superlatively fine date ever took place at a Bulls game. A pair of years agone this petticoat chaser from school asked me out, and I was absolutely gonna say no, but that chap had indeed admirable tickets. The team ended up having a actually great night, so I let the dude have a indeed great night, likewise! I gave him a sloppy oral in the car on the way home.”

Was that the starting of a winning streak?
“You could say that! He had season tickets, so our romance lasted just as long. Don’t feel bad for him, though. I told him that he’d acquire some act each time that smooth operator took me out. He was cheerful with the deal. Eventually this woman chaser got a girlfriend and she started going with him to the games. I still miss those seats. I probably should have started fucking the one and the other of them! I like the way fur pie tastes, so it would have been plenty of enjoyment to hook up with one as well as the other of them. I have at no time had a threeway, and I actually wanna.”

Anything else you desire to try?
“Just the usual ram. I have never been skydiving or scuba diving. I’ve likewise at not time had a bit of arse. I love being licked and fingered back there, but I have avoided each man from going farther. I think a beauty with a strap-on would be gentler for my first time. I should try that!”

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