posted by radmin on Dec 21

Nasty & Nude

Naughty & Nude

Natalia, do u ever just hang out at home in nature’s garb?
“Yes, certainly. Whenever my parents are away I’ll walk around stripped. But u know, one time the pool lad saw me exposed. We’ve lots of sliding glass doors in my house so u can see in from the backyard. Well, the pool ladies man was out there and I did not notice him till it was also late!”

This chab saw u, right? What was his reaction? We wager this chab was happy!
“He definitely saw me. I was walking around nude adore it was all good when I noticed the water in the pool moving. Then I saw him walk by. I freaked out and ducked below a window. I saw him walk by again and he had the humongous smile on his face. Ever since then I haven’t been competent to make eye contact with him ‘coz I have been so embarrassed about it all.”

U have no reason to feel ashamed. We’re sure that ladies man liked it!
“Well, you know I was confused about it ‘cuz I was caught off guard, but a part of me did love it. The more I thought of it, the more it seemed kind of sexy. To be honest, that’s part of the reason I haven’t been able to make eye contact with him. It’s ‘coz when I think back on it, the complete scenario turns me on. I wish I
would have acted on it instead of hiding.”

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