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Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

“I was snapping bras left and right through high-school,” Amora Lee told. “I remember when I started working–that’s when I saw the Oprah unveil with a undergarment fitter–I told my aged co-worker, ‘I acquire to acquire measured. Where would I must go to receive measured?’ I went to three different stores in Orlando because everyone told to go to Lane Bryant. Victoria’s Secret is a joke for me. I was wearing them when I realized I had on the wrong-size under garment.”

As a naturally chesty super-babe, Amora gets the ordinary question.

“What gets me the most is that I get asked all the time if my wobblers are real. I say, ‘Of course they’re real. Where would I get the money to purchase bazookas this large?’ And they’re adore, ‘No, they can not be,’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, they are.’ When I eat, u know how some people say it goes to their belly or their haunches? No. When I eat, it stops at my mellons 1st and then it might disperse a little to my stomach and a little to my thighs but it always begins at my scones.”

The fact is, no one can buy the kind of juggs Amora is blessed with, and that is not fake news.

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