posted by radmin on Jan 14

Bare Pool Party

Naked Pool Party

Hey, Holly. We overheard u saying something about a nude pool party. What happened? “My parents went with out city, so I had a little pool party. I did not think everything with out the ordinary was gonna happen, but everyone ended up getting naked! It was remarkable coz I love getting bare in the pool, but I don’t adore being the merely one who’s undressed. Then everyone thinks you’re a slut. But everyone else there was in nature’s garb, so it was okay! I couldn’t make almost certainly of that I saw all my friends’ bosoms and pussies and butts and dongs!” Did any knobs get stiff? “Not in the pool! But there was some hooking up going on behind closed doors. 2 of my friends went into a spare bedroom and did irrumation. And I went to the side of the house to let me spouse bonk me doggy style.” How was seeing everyone nude? “It was nice-looking laughable. At 1st people were kind of demure and love, holding their intimate parts. But as time went on we all relaxed and just let it all hang out. I could not help but notice that I’ve some gorgeous hot–and hung–friends!” Do u think it could’ve turned into an fuckfest? “Uh, I don’t know about that. That is kind of insane. I’d be open to it with a different group of people, but not with my close allies. That’s likewise odd! The closest we came to anything love that was having a naked chicken fight. I won.

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