posted by radmin on Oct 16

Exposed For The Neighbors

Naked For The Neighbors

“What’s not right with being bare in the centre of the afternoon out on the balcony?” asks Carmella, a dark brown we’ve grown to love for her immoral pastimes. “I’ll tell you a secret: I’ve a bunch of fans in the building across the way. Oh, I know they are watching me. And they know that I put on my depraved, little stripteases for ’em, but we not at any time acknowledge that. It would take all the enjoyment without it for me. I pretend I am some MILF who is looking for an escape by getting wild out on the balcony. But what I actually enjoy is sneaking a peek at the fellows jacking off to me. That makes me lustful beyond belief. It’s like my own little stripped audience, and the more I give ’em, the more furiously they beat their cocks for me. I like it, and I do this every afternoon. Come over and view sometime.”

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