posted by radmin on May 26

Dirty Mind

Dirty Mind

That babe can shower all she wants, but a teen girl’s dirty mind will not at all be clean.
Mercedes’s twat may be clean, but her mind is smutty. “My allies always tell me I am the most immoral person they know. I can turn anything into a raunchy reference!” That’s a very appreciated quality here at 18eighteen.

Even something as effortless as water makes her lustful.
“I 1st started masturbating in the shower. I would let the water run over my clit and I would cum so rock hard. Now I know how to masturbate in other ways, but the shower will always be my favourite.”

Men, take note of this…
“I love to masturbate in the shower, but I don’t love to fuck in the shower. The water washes away my pussy juice. We can do oral stimulation in the shower, but let us save the screwing for the couch.”

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