posted by radmin on Oct 1

High Spectacle Headlights

High Performance Headlights

It is a time for rejoicing. Why so? ‘cuz Maserati’s back at SCORELAND.

Maserati has it all. Mounds, wazoo and a thin waist. And that babe shares it all.

“That’s the one thing people say a lot, that I’ve large melons and a dunky waist,” Maserati said. Maserati likewise has a priceless singing voice as heard (once and only one time) in SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011 and this babe has a great sense of humor.

Maserati was a double-D in ninth grade and when she left college she was a triple-D. “They just kept growing.” Which is why Maserati not quite always wears a undergarment. And when Maserati visited on October 21, 2012, her milk cans were even larger, projecting out to an N-cup according to the calculations. If you regularly detect out the SCORELAND Blog, you saw the actual eye-popping measuring video that arrived at that rack revelation.

It is not just Maserati’s mambos that get her without traffic tickets. It’s the complete package and her hawt eyes that hypnotize.

Recent boy-girl scene? That is comin’ in a short time.

Welcome back, Maserati!

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