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Car Wash Cunny

Car Wash Cunny

Marley makes the majority cash laundry cars with out all the girls in her sorority.
“My sorority does different things to raise specie for charities and specific events that we wanna participate in, and sometimes we’ll do a car wash. I know it appears to be naive, but a ton of boyz display up to the car wash! It’s one of our majority nice fundraisers, and the beauties and I’ve a little likewise much pleasure doing it.”

U costume like a bitch during the car wash, don’t you?
“Duh! We all do! How do you think we make so much cash? And I mean, it’s a car wash. You’ve gotta be in a bathing costume. Personally I guess I pull in the most lads because I am the majority out-going, and well, I think I’m kinda cute, too. I know how to ham it up for the boyz. I stick my wazoo out whilst I am scrubbing the car. I’ll wear a white t-shirt with no undergarment below, and cover it with suds. Lots of the time I’ll watch the lads trying to hide their hard-ons. It just makes me feel admirable to know they’re getting their money’s worth.”

Have u ever rogered a lad at the car wash?
“Yeah, once. This indeed cute, youthful lad drove up, and we ended up screwing in his back seat. After I waxed his car he waxed this gazoo! The cuties all teased me, calling me a slut after that. I loved it!”

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