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Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

Linsey and Deanna Baldwin

LDM and American angel Deanna Baldwin were the one and the other shipmates on Boob Cruise #4 in 1998. This photo series was made in London during the summer of 1998, a few months after this Cruise. Deanna is a golden-haired, but for this shoot she wore a brunette wig. For those of u who read SCORE Mag in the ’90s or are members of the site, you’ll remember Deanna. Miss Baldwin did a live chat session in ’99 when Scoreland was doing web chats in ’98 and ’99, appeared in the movie scene Bosom Buddies 2 (making out with Brittany Love) and also was in the Boob Cruise ’98 episode. Deanna’s final photo-shoot was published in the October 2001 SCORE. She’s dropped without sight since then, which is a shame. We wonder what she’s up to those days.

LinseysWorld hopes that this glamour photoshoot satisfies member D.S., who wrote the following letter. Linsey was a bit off-put by a couple of the comments, such as “…there are an awful lot of photos of u in your web site with u clothed up in various guises…” and “It appears to be a pity to see u each single week in a stale room undressing.” But that babe doesn’t consider it to be a harsh indictment of her portrayals and pictorials and takes no offense. She does point out that there’s no ‘d’ in her 1st name and this babe thanks DS for being a part of LinseysWorld.

“Dear Lindsey, I get to say to begin off, that I heartily have pleasure your web resource, having stumbled across it some months agone! Much as I enjoy the every week viewing of your new photo sets, I can’t assist wondering when you might be doing something a little unlike time to time, such as twosomes. U used to do ’em fairly frequently (having checked through your photo archive!), and yet it has been quite some months since you “involved” anybody else (preferably a female-dominator!) in your discharges. I’m not complaining per se, but, you acquire to admit, there’re an awful lot of fotos of you in your site with you dressed up in various guises. It appears to be a pity to watch u weekly in a stale room undressing. This sounds terribly love I am bored of ogling u! Fear not!, but I would love a change once in a while and some of your twosome photo discharges were charming remarkable and at least broke up the familiarity of the single scenes! Here’s hoping you won’t be too upset at the very mild criticism! Yours, D.S.”

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