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Chinese Treat

Chinese Treat

We like Asian hotty’s! Where are you from?
“I’m Chinese, and I am beautiful fluent in Mandarin. Although I’ll tell you ahead of time that I am not indeed good at saying the bad words. They’re mostly slang, and I am not too familiar with that. But boyz like it when I speak Mandarin when we screw. They adore the whole exotic thing. And you know what they say about Oriental gals having indeed slight wet cracks? It is true! At least that is what I’ve been told about mine.”

Did u have a strict upbringing or were your parents more relaxed?
“My parents were super strict. I was not allowed to courting lads at all, and if I wanted to talk to ’em on the phone I had to sneak the calls late at night once my parents were asleep. You know parents can only be so strict on their kids until they break loose and go avid! That is what I did. Once I turned 18 I was adore, ‘Fuck this shit, I desire to get wild!’ Going away for high school likewise helped a lot. That is when I started going on lots of dates and having lots of hot sex. I finally gotta do all the things I’d always wanted to.”

How many times a week do you have sex?
“It depends. I go throughout luscious seasons and dry spells. Right now I am going through a dry spell, and it’s driving me batty! Thank god for my fake penis. It is the merely thing keeping me sane. I hope you boys can hook me up with a big-dicked stud to fuck!”

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