posted by radmin on Feb 25

Top Shelf Tottie

Top Shelf Tottie

If you’re a jealous type of Lothario with a short fuse, maybe you do not wanna be out in public with Lana Ivans if this babe is dressed love this. Everyone is intend to be staring at her mangos as this babe walks towards ’em and everyone is intend to be staring at her butt as that babe walks away from them. That babe is the real reason why CCTV cameras are everywhere this day. Her body is on “Most Wanted” flyers.

Quite a hardly any hot big boobed chicks have hailed from Romania in recent times. Arianna Sinn, Jasmine Black, Roxanne Miller and Estelle Taylor, to name a not many. There’re still more new discoveries to discover in this land of plenty. There was a gap in time in the second half of the ’00s when they were rock hard to discover. But the Boob Power is meaty there afresh. It acquire to be all that corn they consume.

We met up with Lana one more time on a fresh visit to Bucharest and you’ll be seeing these fotos pretty soon.

And if you’re reading this and you’re in Romania, and u have a neighbor adore Lana Ivans, tell her to visit The Boob Brotherhood is counting on u.

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