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Tawny Tease

Tawny Tease

U don’t look adore all the other angels from Minnesota!

“I pride myself on that, truly. I go tanning all the time and always have my hair done. My friends would all rather be at a hockey game than a salon. I cant wait to move to California–that’s my greater than average plan.”

What do you think u will find on the West Coast, Kennedy?

“Hot lads and priceless times! I know I shouldn’t delude myself and let my dreams take over, but I really think I have got something peculiar. All my friends tell me that! I just know that I’ll detect myself a indeed hawt lad with six-pack abs and a king-size shlong, and I’ll commence making commercials and then move on to TV and then Hollywood clips. It’ll take a pair years, but I know I’ll receive there.”

What are you looking forward to?

“Sex on the beach! I have this fantasy that I think about each time I play with my slit. I’ll be with a group of people and laughing by a bonfire at night on the beach. Then I’ll sit on a random guy’s lap and initiate making out with him. Then my lad will come over, but instead of fighting he’ll just join in. Then we’re on the surf, with the waves lapping against us while I’m getting screwed really, truly inflexible doggystyle and taking a larger than average dong all the way down my face hole. That is usually the point where I cum and the dream ends.”

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