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Jackumentary: Kelly Christiansen

Jackumentary: Kelly Christiansen

“Probably one of the most-asked questions I’ve had is ‘Do you truly look like you do in the magazines and movies?,’ and I say, ‘Yes, I suppose so.’ Certainly, I don’t go around dressed in the hot clothes I wear at SCORE to the grocery store!

“I’ve done tons of things. I used to work for a newspaper. I was a telemarketer. I’ve done tons of sales. Sales rep. I do wedding planning. More of the booking.
Honestly, I had no idea what to await at SCORE. I have seen the mag, so I had a feeling about how I’d be posing, but I had no idea about everything else.

“My spouse told, ‘Hey, look, they have this BeASCOREModel web page,’ so we observed the little introductory movie and this chab said, ‘You should do this.’
It is been more fine than my expectations. My allies always say I am very down-to-Earth and more adore the girl-next-door.”

That’s the great Kelly Christiansen (SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored, Large Tit A-List TWO and seven other DVDs plus ten magazines). 2011 SCORE Porn star of the year winner Kelly is back in “civilian” life after a popular run at SCORE over several years.

This Jackumentary is a hi (a one-armed hello, naturally) to this stacked brickhouse blonde-next-door who was encouraged to pose by a very liberal husband and a SCORE reader.

“I do love to view myself have sex, and each time I see myself, I can’t believe it’s really me. We’re not swinging couples. This chab can’t live without watching me with other boyz and this chab can’t live without the idea that his wife is a star.”

Kelly Christiansen: future big busted legend.

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