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A nursing first-year student when she briefly posed in 2009, Michelle May returned in 2011 potty to resume. “For a whilst I thought nude modeling might’ve just been a fling,” Michelle said. “I wanted to be more serious with my nursing career. But after I’d been away from modeling, I missed it. I love nursing, but I get to display off a different side of my personality with adult modeling. I get to be hot. I love my greater than average marangos, and I love that other males out there like them, too!”

The enigmatic, quiet English hotty Ashley Sage Ellison is one of the dunky in number, rare girls who posed in SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Gals. That babe even won SCORE and V-mag’s Novice of the Year Award. Ashley’s a beautician by profession. “You have to work with a lot of people on a personal level,” Ashley told. “You can likewise tell ’em what’s not right with ’em and how they look and they rarely receive upset about it. I can tell anybody that their hair style or fingernail color is all not right, and they action adore I’m giving them the secret to life or smth.”

Sarah Rae disciplined at home to be expert to self-suck her heavy, marvelous 34JJs. For many, she’s the consummate XL Angel. Her body, her face and her girl-next-door personality not quite appear to be love a dream. But Sarah is real, unbelievably real. “I can merely hold both milk sacks for a pair of minutes. However I can hold one all day. During the time that I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming…all day!” What’s her secret? “Suck stiff! I like to start engulfing a little bit before the teat, it helps me balance the weight.”

Nixie Night is some other captivating XL vixen and that babe brings one as well as the other brains and a bodacious body. This college pupil is studying the sexology of past civilizations. This babe can answer any sex question about the Romans, Greeks and other ancient cultures that were a lot more liberal than American society. For example, the Greeks. They were ass-focused, explains Nixie, and that’s why their statues have the booties they do. Nixie has shown her raunchy skills several times at XL Girls. “I can honestly say I’ve at not time been ‘made love’ to,” says Nixie, “It’s always been ‘fucking’–fast and furious–and that’s how I love it.”

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