posted by radmin on Sep 20

Picked Up & Rogered

Picked Up & Fucked

“I’m a pervert in a female’s body,” says Jolie Rain, about to acquire banged by JMac. Jolie may be boasting but she’s honest and truthful. Moreover, everybody knows that redheads do not tell lies. Everyone enjoys seeing Jolie in any way, any time, either flying solo or riding the love-pole. And today, she is suckin’ on the dong, feeling those priceless vibes.

“I like to savour. I like to play with myself. I like to flaunt my bumpers ‘cuz I can acquire a reaction from the one and the other beauties and bucks. I like going up to girls and going, ‘Wow, you have great boobies. Do you crave to see mine?’ And their boyfriends are adore, ‘She really said that!?’ By the end of the night, we’d be playing with each other’s scoops in the bar.”

Army vet Jolie says she was a Tomboy growing up. This babe was into sports, movie scene games, cars and motors. She didn’t costume to reveal off her hawt and buxom body. And now she is a flaunt-baby who loves to watch porn and big meatballs. But she still likes to shoot guns, work on motors and remodel houses. “I’m a pervert, adore I told. I like to view beauties. I love natural bazookas. I like just everything about big, captivating wobblers. I’d be indeed sad if I did not. Girls are valuable.”

We owe Jolie a lot for giving us so much jackin’ inspiration.

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