posted by radmin on Aug 23

Jenna Visits Puerto Bathing suit

Jenna Visits Puerto Bikini

Jenna Valentine could not have worn a more worthy swimsuit than this itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny purple polka-dot bikini. She does it justice. Her hair is jet darksome now but 36H dude Jenna has changed very little since her Grand Bahama excursion of last year. Her creamy body is as hot and as bodacious as ever. Soever Jenna is doing, this babe is doing it right. This babe is the very epitome of voluptuous. During the week, Jenna hit it off with the other SCORE Cuties, Hitomi, Leanne and Micky who were all recent to her. And she renewed her bosom-bonding with her Bahama-mate Natalie Fiore. Puerto Vallarta is now declared the new Mexican capital of larger than average titties.

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