posted by radmin on Dec 2

Brickhouse Blonde

Brickhouse Blonde

“I have a down-home good-girl side and I have a side that urges to let it all loose, savour and do kinda the wild gal thing,” says Jenna Jayden, an exotic dancer with a definite wild streak that she needs to satisfy.

“My down-home side is loving nature, being kind to animals, being an Ohio cutie where there’re farms everywhere. Quiet, peaceful. Being a stay-at-home beauty and just relaxing. Then there is my other side that won out.

“I wanted to acquire out and join the adult industry. I wanted to express myself and my erotic side. And Ohio wasn’t the place for me to do that. There were no opportunities there for what I wanted to be. Making episodes at SCORE was what I wanted to do.

“I’m a greater than standard show-off. I am the first to admit that. I am not a foreplay kind of cutie. I’d rather have my mambos sucked and played with and start fuckin’ right away. That is smth else I discover glamourous about doing porn with lads with bigger in size than typical dicks. It’s all about the sex.”

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