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The Cream-pied Lady Executive

The Cream-pied Lady Executive

When youthful bucks need career guidance, they follow aid from Mrs. Jasmine Jones. This babe has guided the pathways of many a thonging fellow.

Mrs. Jones is extra-solicitous to Johnny and that Lothario to her. This chab politely points out her nip-slip. This babe isn’t constrained. Especially since this ladies man dives for it and sucks it rigid. Mrs. Jones might as well lock her office for the rest of the day. That babe is plan to be a little busy.

“How about the other one, Johnny?” Mrs. Jones asks, pulling out her other colossal and gorgeously shaped tit for him to deeply suck. Johnny seizes the pair and squeezes ’em, popping ’em in his mouth. His tongue drives her fucking batty.

Johnny devotes tons of nipple-tasting time to Mrs. Jones’ twin peaks. This dude pulls and tweaks ’em. The nipple play hardens her pointers and too tweaks her cum-hole. She craves his bigger in size than run of the mill bat and sinks to her knees. Pulling his trousers down and getting a grasp on his cock, the brunette career exec squishes his erection between her big love melons and squeezes unyielding. That babe strokes it and uses it love a hammer to tap her bumpers. Spitting on his jock, this babe wraps her immense mams around ’em again and jug-jerks him. Her technique is flawless. It’s the tit-fuck of tit-fucks.

Mrs. Jones craves his hefty knob in her mouth. This babe attempts to gulp as much of it as that babe can in a throat-filling orall-service and ball engulfing. Johnny helps her out by pulling her head in. His dick is covered in her mouth juices from the saliva build-up from trying to mouth his shaft. Johnny should feel grateful that this skillful is helping him so expertly in determining his future. Mrs. Jones is no head sucker. This babe is a true oral stimulation experienced.

Johnny strips Mrs. Jones of her raiment and sits on her desk. Standing, she bends forward to take his meat in her face hole afresh. His helpful hand firmly guiding her head down on his wang to mouth as much as that babe can face hole.

After Mrs. Jones has enjoyed his strapon, this babe craves her twat filled to the brim. Now Johnny knows why that babe has these couches in her office. He’s more than potty to receive Mrs. Jones underneath him on that daybed so he can have her wet crack and make her his wang villein. Her greater than standard, fleshy gazoo is a delight to squeeze and feel as she rides his rod.

Johnny doesn’t know what his long-term future is but he knows his immediate future is to load Mrs. Jones’ pussy-hole with a big injection of his cum and check out her as that babe gleefully squeezes it out for his viewing enjoyment. That babe may even make him come back for future counseling sessions.

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