posted by radmin on Sep 26

Jacuzzi Jerkin’

Jacuzzi Jerkin'

“Do you love my feet with all this water on ’em?” asks Jenna in her diminutive bathing dress during the time that perched at the edge of the hot tub, rubbing her amorous feet and pouring sexy water on ’em. The truth is that the one and the other Jenna and you know that you love her feet with all these water beads pouring off of ’em. Reminds u of her feet covered in your cum, do not they? You’ve imagined her tootsies coated and running with your seed, haven’t u? Well, there is nothing like making your dream into reality. Pound her slick and trickling feet. Slide them up and down on your shaft and squeeze them jointly whilst you bonk ’em. You already knew that Jenna loved to jerk cock with her throat and hands, but when that babe does it with her feet, she milks your sac dry!

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