posted by radmin on Sep 28

Jacuzzi Cooze

Jacuzzi Cooze

Hey, Monica. We take it that u adore to receive it on in hot tubs?
“Who doesn’t? You’re already half stripped when u get over here, and the sexy water and the bubbles make you so relaxed. Your entire body is feeling admirable in the water, so it makes sense that you’d urge to take it to the next level and have sex. And before I ever even had sex in a sexy tub, I used to put my bawdy cleft against the water jet in my parents’ hot tub and cum that way.”

Have u ever given a orall-service below water?
“Yes, I have! It is a pleasure thing to try, but not something I’d wanna do all the time. Obviously u cant breathe so u can only suck it for so long.”

What else do u love about rogering in a hot tub?
“I like being succulent, and I like the way my body gets all slippery when it is pressed against a gent. It is just different than doing it in a ottoman, u know? I also truly like to get sloppy bukkake, and being near a tub or shower helps with the clean up.”

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