posted by radmin on Nov 23

It Lastly Happened, And We have The Pix!

It Finally Happened, And We have The Pix!

We have had some memorable postings here at, but what you are about to see is, with out a doubt, the most-requested three-way in the history of this site, perhaps in the history of sexy, old women: 63-year-old Jewel and 68-year-old Bea Cummins jointly for the first time. With a smooth operator.

Bea and Jewel live merely six hours apart, and although they’ve often talked about getting together, they at no time did, which is why we had to make it happen. U know what’s so special about these ladies. They do, too.

“Guys adore a slut in the bedroom,” Jewel told.

“But they too adore a female-dom who they can take out to dinner and look classy,” Bea finished.

But somehow, even when Jewel and Bea are being lustful in the bedroom, they manage to look classy. How do they do it? Who knows? Who cares? Just savour them.

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