posted by radmin on Nov 25

“I’m A Bad Beauty When I am Here.”

“I’m a bad angel when I’m here,” Kitana Flores says. “Right now. For a hardly any hours. In the bedroom. Dudes are sometimes surprised by that ‘coz I usually do not dress also hot and I can be kind of amenable, but when they acquire me in the bedroom, I can be pretty wild. I guess a lot of Puerto Rican angels are that way. We hide our wild side until we acquire into private situations. We do not think it is proper to be also out there in public, even though we can costume sexy.”

“I can be very confident when I am concupiscent or watch a lad I like. I nearly always make the first move. If I am interested in you and I can tell you are interested in me, you’ll know it. Then you’ll watch my wild side. I won’t waste time. I mean, it could take hours before a boy gives a decision to make a move, and tons of lads are afraid to, so I’ll do it for them.”

“I’d rather be naked than wear sexy clothing, but I suppose there’s a time and a place for everything. I always wear a brassiere, even though I can probably acquire away without wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a under garment is because I do not urge my areolas poking throughout and part of the reason is because I wanna keep my pointer sisters nice. I don’t desire ’em to sag likewise much when I receive maturer.”

“I like to be comfortable in everything I wear. I adore to be alluring but stylish. I do not love to put it all out there. I adore to keep the lads guessing a little bit.”

“Girls say my marangos are my best body part. Boys say it is my booty. How about that? Studs adore the wazoo, but they adore the milk shakes, too, especially if they’re Italian. But lads don’t need to elect. They can have the complete thing if they’re worthy and honest.”

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