posted by radmin on Sep 22

Heavenly Body Luna

Heavenly Body Luna

When Luna Bunny was asked what she wants to do that that babe hasn’t already done, the stacked psych first-year student told, “I would love to go on a rollercoaster with my eyes open.” Whether or not Luna will acquire around to doing that, we’re happy that she is already ridden the rollercoaster at SCORE with her dark-brown eyes wide-open.

When Luna’s not sitting at the front of the class crossing and uncrossing her buxom legs and wearing low-cut tops to fluster her professors, or masturbating and role-playing on-cam during the time that her viewers jerk, this babe is playing movie games, looking at Youtube episodes, reading or watching Netflix movies.

Luna came along, operative word “came,” at the right time. SCORE needed a hot hotty to pair off with a buxom young golden-haired in a sexy threesome with a Lothario. A few names were mentioned. Luna was exactly the right hotty with the right look at the right time. The matching of blonde and brunette added contrast to the eye candy.

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